Sunday, July 11, 2004


This was a year that I wish would have never come.
I wish I could have slept through the hole year.
I could of woke up in 64 and been fine.
I had a ruff year. I was always in trouble even though
I did nothing wrong. It was like lets beat her today there is nothing to do.
If some one did something they could blame me and I
would get in trouble. Its the year when I was only 16 and
I ran away from home. I lived on the roof top of an Apt. Building in New York City. I was scared but I would not go home. My boyfriend lived there and he was going to take care of me. Yeah right!!!
It was freezing and I stayed on the landing before the roof.
The super caught me there. He was great he would not tell.
He sent me to the priest at his church and he promised not to call my mother. So much for priest. My mom came and found me. Boy
was I sore. And not just from being caught.
My mom didn't care about me it was just that she needed a house cleaner and a babysitter and some one to pick on.
My father was an alcoholic he was drunk every night. I was the oldest.
So I had a lot to do. She never sent me to school
I only went when she was told I would
be sent away.
Sure that scared her!
At sixteen I hated kids with all my heart. I didn't
know what a party was or any kind of fun. Every
boy who liked me left me because I didn't go out with
I couldn't. They needed me home.
I was there Cinderella. I did what I was told. The
only thing was I had my real mom not a step mom.
I wish this year never came It was the worst year of my life!

Saturday, July 10, 2004

I will be on soon

I am putting my work together and will you be surprised so keep
On checking my page.I will be on Soon

Wednesday, July 07, 2004

Christmas 1962

test post